I hate writing bios and about me pages so this is copied from my professional site with permission from my professional self.

My name is Kristina Brooke. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing the acceptable. I graduated college with a BS in English, went on to earn a graduate degree, a MST in Education; published an online magazine, taught English, worked in food service, became a mommy blogger, started and published another online magazine, worked with major brands as a social media consultant, wrote and published a book of poetry, wrote and traditionally published a civil-rights books for parents, educators, and children; engineered happiness for WordPress.com, and consulted with DEI professionals.

I’ve taken a new approach.

I’ve since stopped chasing someone else’s expectations for how I should live. In choosing my to protect my peace and the well-being of my family, I am focusing on setting my own expectations by embracing myself in all my Stimpunks glory! Doing so has led to validating diagnosis of ADHD and Autism after finding a doctor who listened and heard my concerns. Those “aha moments’ have breathed new life into me. I now understand my workstyle. Moving forward, my professional desires begin and end with freedom.

Assisting educational organizations, advocacy communities, individuals who work with youth to create educational material that provide safe opportunities for storytelling, learning, and accessibility. The lessons and curricula I help develop are informed by Critical Race Theory and anti-anti-Blackness advocacy. I prefer project-based work with concrete (yet flexible) deadline and clear objectives (either already in place or ready to create).

I left the bird site for CounterSocial and most recently, Threads, where I hang out with people who want their social media and ads kept separate. Check it out; I think You’ll like it.